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En raison du verrouillage de la pandémie, le musée Struwwelpeter sera fermé jusqu’au 14.02.2021. La boutique du musée est ouverte en ligne !

Heures d’ouverture et prix d’entrée

En raison du verrouillage de la pandémie, le musée Struwwelpeter sera fermé jusqu’au 9.05.2021.

Admission :
Enfants de moins de 6 ans gratuits
Enfants à partir de 6 ans € 3,50
Jeunes, étudiants € 3,50
Adultes € 7,00

Visites guidées en français sur rendez-vous :
Enfants jusqu’à 13 ans (avec atelier de théâtre) : 50,00 € + 2,00 € par enfant (à partir de 6 ans)
Réduit (étudiants) (avec atelier de théâtre) € 50,00 + par personne admission € 2,00
Tarif adulte € 70,00 + entrée par personne (groupe € 5,00)

Veuillez demander à la caisse les textes de l’exposition en français pour les distribuer.



Die Räume des neuen Museums können für Events gemietet werden. Im Struwwel-Forum (mit Catering-Küche) in der zweiten Etage ist Platz für Stehempfänge mit bis zu 120 Personen oder bestuhlt mit bis zu 80 Personen. Auch das prächtige Foyer kann für Empfänge gebucht werden.

Gerne können Sie das Event mit Führungen durch die Ausstellung buchen.

Gerne informiert Sie unser Besucherservice unter Tel. 069 94 94 767-400.


Struwwelpeter Museum is open from Wednesday – Sunday, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Book your online ticket for your visit here in our online-shop. You can also just walk in and buy your tickets at the ticket counter.

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In our house the 2G rule applies (= Vaccinated or recovered. Excluded are children and teenagers under 18 years & people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons). Please show the corresponding proof and a photo ID at the cash desk. For schoolchildren, the school test booklet is valid.

During your visit, you are required to wear a medical mask (surgical mask or protective mask of the standards FFP2, KN95, N95 or comparable) in the entire building.


You are looking for Struwwelpeter in English or Japanese or Arabic or …? Please visit our online-shop.

Special Exhibitions

TSIKARA – MUSEUM IN MUSEUM (till 6 January 2019)

The exhibition ‘Tsikara’-Museum in Museum is based on the content of the famous Georgian Folk tale “Tsikara”. The show presents various art works, such as illustrations, sculptures, prints, installations, posters. Special activities for children are part of the exhibition. The show is performed via illustrations, 3D objects, and other artistic mediums to create the specific mood of a “real” museum with “real” artifacts. It gives its visitors an opportunity to fully comprehend the content and take a journey through the Georgian Tale. The project introduces Georgian artists, illustrators and designers to the German Public.

Tsikara’ – Museum in Museum is part of the events accompanying Georgia being the Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Buchmesse 2018.


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Eine Extra-Tour gibt es für Kinder: Die Museumsmaus führt Euch durchs ganze Haus! Bitte Ohrhörer mitbringen.

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Sonderausstellung: Adler, Karl und Struwwelpeter. Die Comic-Welten des Michael Apitz

Ob Eintracht Frankfurt oder Rheingau – Michael Apitz ist bekannt für seine witzigen Karikaturen und Comics. Auch der Struwwelpeter als Ahnherr aller Comicfiguren entging seinem frechen Zeichenstift nicht. So kommt es zu lustigen Begegnungen in der Ausstellung zwischen der berühmten Frankfurter Struwwelpeter-Figur des Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann, dem Urahn der Comiczeichner, und den Charakteren seines künstlerischen Nachfahren Michael Apitz. „Karl, der Spätlesereiter“ ist seine bekannteste Comicfigur. Seit 1988 erlebt der blonde Held aus dem Rheingau in mittlerweile zwölf Bänden seine Abenteuer. Als Zeichner für Eintracht Frankfurt verarbeitet der bekennende SGE-Fan Ereignisse um Tore und Torjäger, Pokalsiege und Europacup-Nächte in witzigen Kurzcomics.


Die Ausstellung zeigt die lustigsten Karikaturen und Comiczeichnungen von Michael Apitz aus über 30 Jahren mit vielen Originalen. Das Mitmach-Highlight in der Ausstellung ist die von Michael Apitz gestaltete Fotowand mit Frankfurter Skyline. An Adlers Kralle darf sich jede oder jeder wie der fliegende Robert in die Lüfte schwingen für ein Foto.

Zur Eröffnung am 29.6. bekam “Fußballgott” Alex Meier eine Karikatur von Michael Apitz überreicht.





Social work

We – the frankfurter werkgemeinschaft e.V. (fwg) – are a non-profit association located in Frankfurt am Main. We support and develop services and facilities of psychiatric community care in the city.

Heinrich Hoffmann’s lifework was the reform of psychiatry in nineteenth century Frankfurt. His work marks the starting point of efforts to make a good life possible for the mentally ill.


The board of the Struwwelpeter-Museum is dedicated to working for and with the mentally ill. The frankfurter werkgemeinschaft e.V. (or “fwg”) is a broadly diversified social work group focused on the rehabilitation, inclusion, and care of the mentally ill and handicapped. Acceptance, the dismantling of prejudices, and the integration of the mentally ill and handicapped into society are the goals of our work.

According to the degree and severity of the psychiatric problems, we offer pedagogical, professional, and social help to make for an enduring, rewarding life in society.


Since its founding in 1967, the frankfurter werkgemeinschaft e.V. has been a corporate member of the Caritasverband.


For more information on the fwg:


Tel. 069 94 94 767-0

Fax 069 94 94 767-399

Friends of Struwwelpeter Museum

Friends of Struwwelpeter Museum

Friends of Struwwelpeter Museum was founded in September 1995 to support and advance the museum, which is devoted to Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann (1809-1894), great reformer in the treatment of the mentally ill and author of Struwwelpeter (1845) and other children’s books. The museum is operated by the frankfurter werkgemeinschaft, an organization dedicated to aiding in the reintegration of the mentally ill and the mentally handicapped.

An annual membership meeting, held at the museum, is well worth the trip to Frankfurt – even from overseas. Membership (2016: 30,00; 2017: 40,00 € per year), and open to Struwwelpeter enthusiasts everywhere) includes the annual newsletter STRUWWELPOST.

STRUWWELPOST is a MUST for keeping in touch with the Struwwelpeter scene. It has news about activities at the museum, articles on Struwwelpeter and Heinrich Hoffmann topics, and Struwwelpeter news from everywhere: previews and reports of exhibitions and other events, and lists of new books and articles in periodicals.  STRUWWELPOST is edited by Dr. Walter Sauer, Neckarsteinach, Ulrich Wiedmann, Pfinztal, and Beate Zekorn-von Bebenburg, Frankfurt. World-wide interest in Struwwelpeter and STRUWWELPOST can be seen in contributors from such countries as Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Mauritius, Holland, etc.

Do you want to join the Friends of the Struwwelpeter Museum ? Do you need further information ? Please contact the Struwwelpeter Museum.

Information on Tours

A visit with Struwwelpeter—tours for children

For kindergartners and children of other grade levels we offer a participatory program consisting of three parts and lasting between 60 and 90 minutes. During the first part of the program children are made familiar with a wide range of topics in “Heinrich Hoffmann and his Famous Picture Book” in a manner that is age-appropriate. In this section of the tour children learn how the Struwwelpeter came to be written, as well as about the backgrounds of the different stories. Together with their tour guide the children scrutinize the stories and make connections between them and the experiences of children today. For a long time the Struwwelpeter stories have been criticized harshly by parents and educators, who have called the book both “authoritarian” and “cruel.” In the museum’s ongoing dialogue with visiting children, however, one particular quality of this children’s literature classic arises regularly: the book gives children the chance to approach and think about a broad spectrum of experiences in their own lives, from arguments at the dinner table, to daydreaming.

After a brief break, during which the kids try their hands at various games inspired by themes discussed, the second part of the tour begins with a trip through the exhibit which has a special “Kid’s Level” with hands-on-toys and funny pictures to explore. The children are shown original works of Heinrich Hoffmann, rare editions, imitations, translations, kitsch, and artworks that document the great success of the Struwwelpeter.

In the third part of the tour the children may reenact and reinterpret the Struwwelpeter stories using the various costumes, masks, and props in the museum’s playroom. Whether or not a story should end as it does in the book is entirely up to the children performing it. Children incorporate their everyday experiences and perform with varying amounts of intensity in these impromptu shows. A child may portray Struwwelpeter as a way to express resistance against authority, or Nasty Friedrich to show his or her aggression, or the child could perform the “Hunter and the Hare” story to show a hilarious and wild upsetting of the power structure.

Tours for adults and young adults

For adults and students of higher grade levels the museum offers general tours of at least an hour in length on the topic of “Heinrich Hoffmann and his Struwwelpeter.” The following themes may also be covered, by request:

  • Education Then and Now: the Pedagogy of the Struwwelpeter
  • Heinrich Hoffmann as Reformer of Psychiatry and Witness to History in the Nineteenth Century
  • Heinrich Hoffmann and the Revolution of 1848




Please notify us at least two weeks before your visit in order to reserve a tour time.


Telephone: 069 747969

Tours are also available in English and French


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