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Heinrich Hoffmann and Struwwelpeter

The world of the children’s book classic Struwwelpeter and its author, Heinrich Hoffmann, comes to life in the center of Frankfurt am Main in the « New Old Town ». Colourful, informative and entertaining for all age groups, the exhibition presents the versatile Frankfurt doctor and author Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann (1809-1894). His work comes alive in portraits, letters, sketches and first editions. Visitors get to know Heinrich Hoffmann as a psychiatric reformer, socially and politically active citizen, humorous poet, loving family man and convinced Frankfurters. Rare book exhibits, parodies, kitsch and art tell of the worldwide distribution of his picture book. The permanent exhibition is supplemented by special exhibitions on cultural history and children’s literature. The museum shop stocks a large selection of souvenirs and books.

Be a Shock-headed Peter for once! Museum fun for young and old

With lots of fun and games, children discover the stories in the museum anew and bring them to life. The children’s level in the exhibition design invites you to an interactive museum experience with story islands and a play path. Both young and old visitors can throw themselves around the world with « Mr Fix von Bickenbach » in 77 days or have their picture taken with the large figures from the book. Want to be a tousle-head for once? In the theatre room everyone can dress up and  reenact the Struwwelpeter stories on a stage. Of course, adult visitors are also allowed to try out how the Struwwelpeter look suits them. A creative table is available for further activities.

It is a special pleasure to celebrate a child’s birthday « at Struwwelpeter ». Kindergartens, school classes, etc. can visit the museum on a guided tour.

All inclusive at Struwwelpeter Museum!

The Struwwelpeter Museum is a non-profit inclusion enterprise, where people with and without disabilities work. The museum shop stocks beautiful products made in workshops for disabled people. Thus the museum not only preserves the material estate of Heinrich Hoffmann. The intellectual legacy of the 19th century reformer of psychiatry is also continued here in a modern way. Dr. Hoffmann had worked tirelessly for his patients.

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